This blog is a place where I share my random thoughts and stuff I recently worked on. I created this blog hoping it would be helpful to others as well as leaving some notes for myself to look back in the future.

I am currently a undergraduate student studying CS at Georgia Tech. Interested in programming, compilers, operating systems, securiy, processor design, FPGAs and HPC related tech.

I usually appare on the internet as Codetector.

You can find me on:

Of course feel free to reach me via email at codetector#codetector.cn. (To avoid spam bots, please pre-process the email address to a valid format).

License & Copyrights

As the goal of this blog is to share knowledge, it would be against the goal to limit you from spreading its content. However, I would like this knowledge to remain freely availiable for everyone to access. Thus all contents on this blog unless specified otherwise is licensed under Creative Common 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-SA).